What’s in my bag?

For a Christmas and a new job treat I bought myself a Longchamp navy backpack- one I had sought after for ages! I have rarely put it down and at the moment is my go-to bag.

Longchamp backpackIt’s extra comfy with the double straps and the small size is great for lightweight travel.               EssentialsI always have my purse with card and spare cash as well as my loyalty cards ( I have *way* too many of these that I probably have only used once!) My oyster is in a rose gold card case from Accessorize that I picked up for £2.75 in the sales. I am obsessed with pretty much everything rose gold so it was perfect for me! And of course my keys that I can’t go anywhere without!Make up in my bag

My non-essential essentials are my make up pieces that allow for a smooth touch up throughout the day. I have a Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer for fixing any blemishes, the lipstick I am wearing that day (again for touch up), a lipsalve which I believe is especially important in the cold weather and a handcream to soften my hands through the day. Recently, I also added Boots oil absorbing sheets to my bag to matte my skin which I recommend to anyone who gets oily skin during the day.

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Spring Floral

It’s nearly the end of February and as we enter March it’s starting to feel a lot more like spring! Below is a collection of some of my favourite floral dresses, just in time for the warmer months!
Spring Floral


Check out my Polyvore from the link above for more sets!

Autumn edit

Autumn edit


I’m back! I’ve been away for a few weeks as I start to get back into a routine and as I start college next Monday so I have been busily preparing!

Today I come to you with my Autumn Edit, a mixed bag of skirts, jumpers, shoes and more. These are the styles I want to be wearing this Autumn and an inspiration for you if you want to switch up your wardrobe this season.
I have featured a lot of denim, especially as this never goes out of style, however if you like a more feminine look, I included some a-line skirts that would kill it this year paired with some tights and booties!
Do you have any of these items or have a classic Autumn staple? Let me know in the comments below!

Cara Delevingne- Look for less

Cara- Look for less


Cara Delevingne is one of my favourite models ever, not just because of her looks but also her funny and down to Earth personality. As it is pouring today 😦 , I thought I would post an autumn look for less that can be worn now, straight through ’til spring!

Orlando sunshine

Sorry for the mini hiatus but I’m back!

The last 12 days I was lucky enough to go to Orlando with my family and had the *best* time!

Universal, Orlando
Universal Studios  Jurassic Park
Orlando  Hogwarts train
We had 14 day tickets for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. We had the best time rushing around all the roller coasters from the Rip Ride rocket (which was awesome as you could listen to music in your seat!) to the Jurrasic Park water ride. The parks decor was A-mazing, with the cartoon Simpsons land, as if just plucked from the TV screen. Then you could walk straight through into Bervely Hills and see the original 5 and dime! Everything was magical, perfect to spend hours and hours there! Any Harry Potter fans will adore the Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, the train going between parks looked as realistic as ever!
airboat, Tampa
Nasa rocket  Chocolate ice cream
RocketOn one day we had a combined trip to Tampa Bay for alligator search on an airboat and then to the Kennedy Space Centre.  It was amazing seeing rockets that had already been in space! To see the NASA building that’s been on TV, where the Apollos had lifted off, where history has been made. The airboat ride as super fun as we could look out for alligators and saw one that was almost 10 foot long!


One of my favourite days was of course- shopping! We went to the Florida Mall (biggest in Florida) and I spent time schmoozing around the shops, from Mac to JCPenny to (my all time favourite) Forever 21 (plus it was an extra large store :)) I loved shopping in American stores that you don’t get in the UK! Especially as it meant I would find things others won’t have in the UK! Look out for my Orlando haul coming up soon.

I had an amazing time with my family and it was so nice to escape the British weather and have fun in the heat! There was even a lazy river at the hotel which I spent a *lot* of time in, relaxing in the sunshine.

Orlando haul

Summer Lips

It’s August! I.E. my birthday month(!) but also the last month of summer 😦
To make the most of the last of the glorious sun, I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favourite lipsticks that I wear in summer.

Beauty Bay lipstick Beauty Bay lipstick


This is a Beauty Bay lipstick in the colour Coral Blush. This needs a bit of a build up to achieve the colour above on your lips, however I like this as it means I can get a variety of intensity from it. I usually wear this as the main focus of my face so will usually use a nude eye with it.

Rimmel Colour Rush Rimmel Colour Rush


This is one of the ever popular Rimmel Colour Rush crayons. An easy application and highly pigmented makes it a bright pop of colour, perfect for the summer. I am afraid it is quite old and has had a bit of wear so I don’t know what specific colour this one is, sorry!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Barry M Gelly Hi Shine


This Gell Hi Shine crayon from Barry M has a very similar application to the Rimmel stick above. This is a coral shade that has a shiny finish so again, draws attention to the lips and keeps them feel smooth. Again I’m sorry but I don’t know which shade this is, I think it is called Sigma but not 100% sure!

Mac liptick Mac liptick


This is Peach Blossom from Mac. A simple and fresh shade with a pinky hue. It is an understated colour which is why I like to wear it on summer days that I wish to make my eyes the main focus as it doesn’t draw a huge amount of attention. Of course, all Mac lippies have great quality so you can never go wrong with one!

Maybelline Colour sensation Maybelline Colour sensation


One of my all-time favourtie lipsticks, I have the matching lipgloss in this shade too. This is 832 Kiss Peal of the Colour Sensation range. A pink shimmer that catches the light and doesn’t need much reapplication. I love this hue as it instantly reminds me of summer and is a classic shade.

Miss Sporty Instant colour & shine Miss Sporty Instant colour & shine


Another lip crayon, this time from the Miss Sporty Instant Colour & Shine range. This is in the colour Pink Popsicle. I bought this last year and at one point I wore it nearly everyday through a whole month! It is a subtle colour with one or two layers however, like the Beauty Bay lipstick, can be built up to achieve a bright pop of pink. This colour speaks for itself and is a classic colour. I would be careful when applying it as the actual crayon is delicate and can break easily.

Mac lipstick Mac lipstick


A darker shade for the evenings, this is another Mac lipstick in the colour Craving. It is an amplified shade so, as you can see from above, is highly pigmented so stands out. This colour is perfect for summer nights, with a pale eye and lots of eyeliner!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you have any of this lipsticks or if you have a favourite summer shade!



Venice: What I wore

Hi guys!
Sorry for the late post, I have been extremely busy this week from painting my room to packing for my holiday so I haven’t had much time to post. However, as promised, here is my ‘What I wore’ post from my recent trip to Venice. I had a whirlwind of a trip, see here for all the details.

Day 1

Venice outfit 1
Kimono- H&M, top- Glamorous, leggings- Miss Selfridge, bag- Primark

Day 2

Burano outfit
Hat- Venice street vender, dress- H&M, shoes- Primark, sunglasses- Ray Bans
Outfit 3
top- H&M, Skirt- Bar III

Day 3

Venice 4
top- H&M, short- Primark, bag- Primark
Outfit 5
Dress- New Look, Sunglasses- Primark, Bag, Primark

Day 4

Venice outfit 6
dress- Primark, clutch- Dorothy Perkins, sunglasses- Primark, necklace- Primark, shoes- Primark


Final Venice outfit
Top- Primark, Skirt- Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below! I am very busy for the next few days and I am going away again soon so my post numbers may go down to 1/2 a week for the next 2/3 weeks so I apologise in advance!